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'Diss Love' Song and Albums. Music for Every Moments on MrTehran.

Diss Love



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Amir Ghiyamat Dar Shahr

Dar Shahr

Amir Ghiyamat

Masih & Arash Nalooti


Masih & Arash

Ali Yasini Bade To

Bade To

Ali Yasini

Amir Ghiyamat Felani


Amir Ghiyamat

Iman Cheshamo Bastam

Cheshamo Bastam


Behzad Pax & Ahmad Solo Barmigardam


Behzad Pax & Ahmad Solo

Behzad Pax Taajob Nakon

Taajob Nakon

Behzad Pax

Ali Baba Tarafdar


Ali Baba

Behzad Pax Pedare Disslove

Pedare Disslove

Behzad Pax

Iman Dige Dad Nemizanam (Ft Daniyal Sadr)

Dige Dad Nemizanam (Ft Daniyal Sadr)


Moein Z Darde Eshgh

Darde Eshgh

Moein Z

Amir Ghiyamat Mr Disslove

Mr Disslove

Amir Ghiyamat

Masih & Arash Ap Riz Pichid

Riz Pichid

Masih & Arash Ap

Armin 2afm Shaba Kojayi

Shaba Kojayi

Armin 2afm

Armin 2afm Chizi Shode

Chizi Shode

Armin 2afm

Armin 2afm Khosh Behalet

Khosh Behalet

Armin 2afm

Armin 2afm Sedamo Dari

Sedamo Dari

Armin 2afm

Ali Baba Dige Saket

Dige Saket

Ali Baba

Ali Baba Salgard


Ali Baba

Moein Z Darse Eshgh

Darse Eshgh

Moein Z

Moein Z Khandehato Didam

Khandehato Didam

Moein Z

Moein Z Begoo Ba Man

Begoo Ba Man

Moein Z

Moein Z Na Yek Chize Sathi

Na Yek Chize Sathi

Moein Z

Moein Z Sigare Vasate Kar

Sigare Vasate Kar

Moein Z

Ghiyamat Band Halalet Nemikonam

Halalet Nemikonam

Ghiyamat Band

Amir Ghiyamat Shabe Yalda

Shabe Yalda

Amir Ghiyamat

Amir Ghiyamat Kisho O Mat

Kisho O Mat

Amir Ghiyamat

Amir Tataloo Ye Chizi Begoo (Ft Armin 2afm)

Ye Chizi Begoo (Ft Armin 2afm)

Amir Tataloo

Armin 2afm Mobarak Bashe

Mobarak Bashe

Armin 2afm

Amir Ghiyamat Chi Fekr Mikardim

Chi Fekr Mikardim

Amir Ghiyamat

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