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Alireza Lafzi Genre Episode 05

  2019-02-24     194.6K Plays     481 Likes

Genre Episode 05

Alireza Lafzi


Track Artists:  Alireza Lafzi

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Artist: Alireza Lafzi
Podcast: Genre
Episode: 05
Genre: Tech House
Instagram: @alireza_lafzi
Cover Design: Reza Modiri / @remoarts1
1-Fisher - Losing It
2-MKJAY & Sterium - Okay Obey
3-Pax - No Pressure
4-Eli Brown - In The Dance
5-Xenia Beliayeva - BPD
6-Stefano Pain & Francesco Pittaluga - Alright (Remix)
7-Abriviatura IV - Mantra
8-Walker & Royce feat. SophieGrophy - All For The Gram
9-PAX - Just Touch
10-Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right now
11-Stereo Express, Matchy - Makaveli
12-Solee   - Mammoth
13-Midi Culture - Losing Your Mind
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