FAQ & Android Application Usage Guide
FAQ & Android Application Usage Guide of mrtehran.

FAQ & Android Application Usage Guide

How to update MrTehran Android app?

You can easily update the app through GooglePlay™ or Myket™ store or download APK file. Open GooglePlay™ or Myket™ store on your phone Search MrTehran and hit Update. You can also download and install the latest version of the app from the MrTehran website Direct Download.

Can I download and install the app from various websites?

Yes. However, it is recommended that you try to install it only through GooglePlay™ or Myket™ store or the MrTehran website Direct Download, otherwise you may have problems installing and working with the app.

How to download songs through Android app?

On the music playback page, tap the download button. There are two types of download methods. How to download via auxiliary applications like Chrome or ADM. And an easier way is to download it via your Android Downloader. Then select the song quality and finally download the song from the list.

How do I change the playback quality of the song?

There are 3 playback quality to hear a song. Go to the app settings to change it. There is also a button to change it on the music player page.

Why slow playback speed?

Your internet speed may be slow. You may have used proxy. The server may be busy for a moment. And the important thing is that there is 3 quality playback to hear the song. If your internet quality is good, set the playback quality to 128kb. If you do not have good internet, set the playback quality to 64kb. It is not recommended to play and listen to 320kb quality music online.

Where are the songs I download?

In the MrTehran folder on your phone's memory. This folder's name is MrTehran. If you download songs through other applications you should go to the Downloads folder.

Why have the songs I downloaded been deleted?

It is best to move the downloaded songs to another location before removing the app. Tap the Filter button in the downloaded songs section and activate the relevant section to display all the songs in the phone.

Why should I allow permission storage?

Allowing permission to the phone storage is only used for storing songs and photos. If this is not available, the app cannot download and save songs and photos. Allowing this access is optional.

Why can't I like a song to make a playlist and post a comment?

To do this, you need to sign in to the app with your Google (Gmail) email.

How can I block a user who causes insult and disrespect?

Notify the user or comment or playlist by submitting a report to consider blocking the user after review. Your reports will be very helpful and will definitely be reviewed.

Why can't I comment and get restricted?

Your account has been reported to other users. Blocked accounts will no longer be refundable.

Why can't I login or register with my email?

You must have the app installed via GooglePlay™ or Myket™ store or the MrTehran website. If the problem persists, uninstall the app once and reinstall it. If the problem does not resolve, please send us an email.

How do I change the color and theme of the app?

Go to the app settings and select the color you like. If your phone memory is poor, do not choose the blurry background and use simple colors.

Why aren't there some songs?

You must first search for the song you want. Type a word from the song or artist name in search in Farsi or English. You don't have to write the full song name. If there is no song or artist, it is because of the artist or the owner of the work.

How fast can I access the downloaded songs or the radio?

Add a MrTehran app widget on your phone screen.

Why not send me new song notifications?

Go to the apps list in your phone's settings. Select the MrTehran app. Activate the notification section.

Why is there an ad in the app?

In today's world, advertising has become an integral part of service providers and cannot be ignored. The MrTehran app has also tried to show ads that are both useful for users and not bad for them.

Can I advertise my product on MrTehran?

Yes. Send us the product type, along with a full description and your business activity, in the form of an email. We will investigate and respond.

How do I publish my song on MrTehran?

To publish a song on MrTehran you need to send us an email with a description of yourself and your song. We will review your email and respond.

Why not put music video in the app?

The MrTehran app is only active in online music streaming and is not active in music video.

How do I make a playlist for myself?

Sign in with your account. Go to user playlist page. Click the Make a playlist button. Select the name and photo of the playlist. You can now add your favorite songs to your playlist.

What are the features of the MrTehran app?

  • Available in both English and Persian
  • Has three music playback quality and three download quality. 64, 128, and 320KB
  • Online music radio player with thousands of new and old songs
  • Newest and oldest songs with notifications
  • List of artists and playlists by popularity and user statistics
  • Comments and lyrics section of the songs and biography of the artists
  • Ability to create custom playlists
  • Search among thousands of songs and artists
  • Equipped with sleep timer and equalizer and many more
  • asd

What is the way we communicate with you?

For any questions, comments, criticisms or suggestions, the only way to contact us is by email. No doubt your email will be read and will be answered as soon as possible.






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