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Download & Install Version 4.0.8


Pro Music Player

On the player screen, the user can listen to the song with three different qualities. Writes his own comment about the songs. Views and plays list of related artists' songs. Downloads the song that he wants with 64, 128, 320 kB, and many other features

Perfect Playlists

The songs are broadcasted according to their style and scenarios in their playlists. Users choose their own poly-lists according to their tacts and they can follow it if they are interested in updating with notification.

Special Artist Pag

In the app, each artist has his own page and all his works are categorized as singles and albums. You can get acquainted with any new works by following each artist. Artist biography and many other features are also available

Effective Equalizer

One of The features of the Mr-Tehran app is the ideal sound setting for better music playback. Most songs can boost subwoofer frequencies for better quality for listening. This feature is made for users by Mr-Tehran

Artists List

On this page, users can access all their favorite artists. A complete list of artists are on this page and their archives are fully provided with three different qualities

3 MP3 Quality

The most important feature of the Mr-Tehran application is the three qualities 64, 128 and 320 KB, which users can download songs depending on their internet speeds and tacts. Three methods are available for downloading the song for ease of use



    Stream Quality (kb)

    64 128 320
    • Dancomix Episode 02

      Dj Danco

    • Talghin

      Mehdi Yarrahi

    • Roo To Hasasam

      Mazyar Fallahi

    • Fekre To

      Mohsen Yeganeh

    • Divar

      Mehdi Ahmadvand

    • Sayare

      Hamid Askari

    • Range Sal

      Sina Shabankhani

    • Ghalbe To

      Saman Jalili

    • Talghin

      Mehdi Yarrahi

    • Ashegh

      Hamid Hiraad

    • Khastam

      Hoorosh Band

    • Hasrat

      Morteza Pashaei