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Babak Mafi Havasam Nist (Remix)

Havasam Nist (Remix)

Babak Mafi

Farhad Javaherkalam Rooze Barooni

Rooze Barooni

Farhad Javaherkalam

Sina Parsian Hast Ke Hast

Hast Ke Hast

Sina Parsian

Faryan Golforoosh



Amir Ghiyamat Tehran Bama

Tehran Bama

Amir Ghiyamat

Mehrzad AmirKhani Chera Nemishe

Chera Nemishe

Mehrzad AmirKhani

Latest Podcasts

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Alireza Lafzi Genre (Halloween Special)

Genre (Halloween Special)

Alireza Lafzi

Dj Danco Dancomix Episode 03

Dancomix Episode 03

Dj Danco

Deejay Narimor Dorehami Cast Episode 03

Dorehami Cast Episode 03

Deejay Narimor

Dj Eskimo Eskimocast Episode 02

Eskimocast Episode 02

Dj Eskimo

Alireza Lafzi Genre Episode 03

Genre Episode 03

Alireza Lafzi

Dj Esiio Tunecore Episode 03

Tunecore Episode 03

Dj Esiio

New Albums

Mehrad Hidden Sefr


Mehrad Hidden

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PooBon Wolfie



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Eddie Attar Hame Midoonan

Hame Midoonan

Eddie Attar

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Pouya Bayati 1 Million

1 Million

Pouya Bayati

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Best of Month

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Mehdi Jahani Tanhatar Az Man

Tanhatar Az Man

Mehdi Jahani

Behnam Bani Del Nakan

Del Nakan

Behnam Bani

Shahab Mozaffari Do Barabar

Do Barabar

Shahab Mozaffari

Siamak Abbasi Panah


Siamak Abbasi

Sina Sarlak Gelayeh


Sina Sarlak

Xaniar Khosravi Bade Man

Bade Man

Xaniar Khosravi

Mehdi Yarrahi Sooratak


Mehdi Yarrahi

Farzad Farokh Divanegi


Farzad Farokh

Ehsan Khajeh Amiri Aramesh


Ehsan Khajeh Amiri

Ehaam Negar



Mehdi Moghaddam Kineh Nadaram

Kineh Nadaram

Mehdi Moghaddam

Hoorosh Band Mara Divane Kardi

Mara Divane Kardi

Hoorosh Band

Recently Added

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Ahmad Safaei Sar Khosh

Sar Khosh

Ahmad Safaei

Emad Halate Cheshmat

Halate Cheshmat


Mohammadreza Zarei Moraghebe Khodet Bash

Moraghebe Khodet Bash

Mohammadreza Zarei

Mostafa Yeganeh Esme Mano Bebar

Esme Mano Bebar

Mostafa Yeganeh

Shayan Eshraghi Doorit Eshghe Man

Doorit Eshghe Man

Shayan Eshraghi

Alireza Pouya Bigodar


Alireza Pouya

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